Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do we love royal weddings?

I think it's because our souls sense the eternal and wonderful truth that they are a foreshadow, a taste, of what is coming---the greatest wedding and love story of all ages.
Isn’t it fascinating that we all wondered what Kate’s dress would look like. The whole world stood with bated breath, waiting to see the bride's attire. What a great truth lies before us—our actions matters. Oh, how they matter!

We each are responsible for the weaving of our spiritual wedding attire—the manner of our life, our actions, our thoughts, our seeking out and following God’s path for us. Someday we shall appear before him—and, Lord, I pray that this generation be found arrayed in your garments.

The price Christ paid His bride is staggering. Absolutely unthinkable. Oh that that we may be approved, dressed as we ought to be, especially as He’s provided the clothing with his own death.

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